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Getting Started with RollerCoin

1. Create an Account: To begin your journey with RollerCoin, head over to their official website. You can easily register by providing your email address or by using your social media accounts.

2. Play the Game: After creating your account, dive right into the game. RollerCoin simulates cryptocurrency mining, and you’ll need to acquire virtual mining machines that represent your mining power. Your mining power can be increased by playing games, completing tasks, and solving quizzes within the platform.

3. Boost Your Mining Power: Regularly engage with the platform by playing games, finishing tasks, and acing quizzes. This ongoing effort will increase your virtual mining power, leading to higher cryptocurrency earnings.

4. Claim Daily Bonuses: RollerCoin offers daily bonuses, so don’t forget to log in regularly and claim these rewards. They will help boost your mining power even further.

5. Utilize Referral: Invite your friends to join RollerCoin, and you can earn referral bonuses when they also participate in the game.

6. Withdraw Your Crypto Earnings: Once you’ve accumulated earnings in your RollerCoin account, you can withdraw them to your cryptocurrency wallet. Be sure to follow RollerCoin’s withdrawal process for a smooth experience.

These steps provide a clear overview of how to get started with RollerCoin and how to earn cryptocurrency through the platform. However, it’s essential to exercise caution and manage your investments wisely when dealing with cryptocurrency-related activities.

Earning Methods on RollerCoin

In RollerCoin, there are two primary methods to earn or "mine" cryptocurrencies:

1. Virtual Mining Equipment: Acquire virtual mining equipment within the platform to engage in cryptocurrency mining. Despite being virtual, this equipment allows you to mine real cryptocurrencies.

2. Play Mini-Games: Alternatively, you can earn mining power by playing mini-games. No initial investment is required for this method, and the mining power you earn lasts for periods ranging from 24 to 168 hours.

Currently, RollerCoin supports the mining of three different cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin, and Ethereum (ETH). Additionally, you can mine RollerTokens (RLT), which serve as the native currency of the game.

Let’s Crunch the Numbers

Now, let’s break down the potential earnings on RollerCoin:

According to RollerBuddy, an online calculator for RollerCoin earnings, having 1,000 PH (Hashrate power) translates to approximately $0.30 per day. However, reaching this level of mining power isn’t straightforward. By playing mini-games, you can earn around 500 to 1600 GHs, equivalent to about 0.005 PH. To reach 1,000 PH, assuming an average point score of 1250 GHs, you would need to play for approximately 20 hours, assuming you play continuously.

But here’s the interesting part: If you understand the game’s mechanics, your mining power will last for 7 days, resulting in earnings of $0.30 * 7 = $2.10 for 20 hours of work. This amounts to $0.105 per hour, which surpasses the minimum wage in many places.

RollerCoin as an Investment

RollerCoin may initially seem like a simple game, but it transforms into an investment opportunity as you delve deeper. Miners in the game act as perpetual mining machines, continuously earning for you as long as the game exists (provided you return every 5 days to click on the “recharge” button).

For instance, if you possess 1,000 PH worth of mining power, that’s $0.3 every single day without the need to engage in mini-games. It’s essentially free money, with no electricity costs. And it gets even better.

High-ranking players on the leaderboard, with substantial mining power, can earn substantial daily incomes. For example, someone in the 100th position on the leaderboard earns an impressive $9.67 daily, considering the current Ethereum network power.

At the top spot on the leaderboard, the leading player enjoys a comfortable monthly income of $1,500, equivalent to $50 per day. It’s almost like having a second job!


Q1: Is RollerCoin safe to use for earning cryptocurrency?
RollerCoin has been operating for a while and is generally considered safe. However, exercise caution and do your research before investing significant time or resources.

Q2: Can I withdraw my earnings from RollerCoin at any time?
Yes, you can withdraw your earnings from RollerCoin once they accumulate in your account. Follow RollerCoin’s withdrawal process for guidance.

Q3: Are there any fees associated with using RollerCoin?
RollerCoin doesn’t charge fees for registration or using the platform. However, keep in mind that cryptocurrency transactions may incur network fees.

Q4: How can I increase my mining power quickly on RollerCoin?
To increase your mining power rapidly, focus on playing mini-games, completing tasks, and inviting friends through the referral program.

In conclusion, RollerCoin offers a unique way to earn cryptocurrency through gaming and mining. While it may start as a game, it can evolve into a profitable investment opportunity for those who understand its mechanics and put in the effort.

Remember to stay informed, manage your investments wisely, and have fun on your RollerCoin journey!

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